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Online Support (OLS)

Powered by Citrix GoToAssist, with up to Five Agents capable of up to 8 simultaneous sessions each, Gap Group offers superior customer and technical support for it's software family. Teamviewer connections have recently been added to aide in afterhour support.

Email the Tech Support Team: support @


  • Please detail your questions or issues fully in the question box below
  • OLS is provided by GGI for WINGAP Support. DOR informational questions should be directed to the DOR Agents by email, SMS Text, Skype / MSN Messenger, or phone calls to DOR phones - please allow OLS to operate as intended and more efficiently for those folks with legit WINGAP questions by directing pure DOR questions to the other identified channels
  • Normal OLS Schedule (subject to change without notice)
    • Monday - Nathan Evans
    • Tuesday - GMASS
    • Wednesday - Ben Pope
    • Thursday - GMASS
    • Friday - Blair McLinn


  • Please be patient when calling into WinGAP eServices. When busy, your wait may be several minutes, do not lose faith. Please wait patiently. Calling in over and over repeatedly doesn't get your question answered more quickly, it merely adds the same question to the call queue over and over and clogs the system, if anything, making the wait longer. Please click the "click here" button once and then just wait. We are working as hard and as fast as we possibly can. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding

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